Can a landlord or condominium association be liable for a dog dog attack on their premises?

While the owner of a dog in Illinois is essentially strictly responsible for the acts of the animal, there may be circumstances where an attack exposes other people or entities to liability produced when a dog attack occurs on their premises. A person attacked by a dog at an apartment building, townhouse development or condominium may be frustrated by inadequate insurance coverage on the part of the dog owner– if their is coverage at all!

However, there may be circumstances when the bite victim can successfully recover against the association or individual who controlled the property.  Certainly a more complex case than a direct action against a dog owner, the victim of a dog bite may be entitled to compensation from the owner or maintainer of the premises if he or she can establish:

1) the individual (or company) had knowledge that dangerous dogs would be on his premises; or 

2) the individual (or company) should have know that dangerous dogs were on his premises and threatening harm to other tenants or guests

Usually referred to as ‘constructive notice’ or ‘actual notice’ such cases tend to be more involved an are usually vigorously litigating. Nonetheless, if you were the victim of a dog attack at a town home, apartment or residential development, Illinois law may entitle you to recover damages from the landlord or operating company. Contact Chicago Dog Bite Injury Lawyers who can assist you with your claim and file suit when necessary.

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